Scallops & Chestnut Cappuccino


In this episode of Farmer's Kitchen presented by Spinneys we have some festive inspiration from Chef Hadrien Villedieu of Inked, one of the most truly creative restaurants in Dubai. In terms of fish, Salmon is the popular choice over the holidays however we want to inspire you to use scallops. This easy fish is easy to cook and so satisfying for your guests over Christmas.

Chef Hadrien puts together a creative dish which purees chestnuts which our handpicked scallops from Spinneys rest on, topped with a sweet apple and radish salad. This is a starter to wow people at Christmas.

Watch the full episode below and get the recipe below too. Happy Cooking and a very Merry Christmas! 

Farmer's Kitchen Episode 19 | Scallops & Chestnut Cappuccino

Putting together a Christmas menu? Try fresh scallops from Spinneys Dubai. Chef Hadrien Villedieu from INKED shows us this really easy but creative dish which will WOW your guests over the holiday. 🎄

Posted by Dubai Eye 103.8 News. Talk. Sport on Wednesday, November 27, 2019



For the scallops:

  • 15 pieces of scallops
  • 50g of butter
  • S & P & Olive oil

For the chestnut cream:

  • 150g of Chestnuts, cooked and peeled
  • 250g of liquid cream
  • 250g of full fat milk
  • 500g of vegetable stock
  • 1 white onion
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 100g butter
  • S & P & Olive oil

For the crunchy salad:

  • 1 green apples
  • ½ bunch of pink radish
  • 1 jar of chutney
  • Some cress or herbs to decorate
  • S & P & Olive oil


For the Chestnut cream:

Peel and slice the onions and the garlic. Cook the onions and the garlic in a sauce pan with some olive oil. Season salt and pepper.

Add the chestnuts, open and scrap the vanila seeds add to the pan, then add the liquid cream, the milk and the vegetable stock, let it cook until all soft.

Blend all together with some butter.

Reserve at room temperature or in chiller.

For the crunchy salad:

Slice thinly the apples and the pink radish with a mandoline or a knife.

Reserve all in a cold water bath with lemon juice.

Before plating season the salad with olive oil, and a spoon of the chutney.

For the scallops:

Heat a pan with some olive oil wait for smoking point, add the scallops and colorate them both sides, reduce the heat, add a small piece of butter, baste them and remove from the heat.

For the Plating:

In a coffee cup or a soup plate dress the chestnut cream then the scallops add the crunchy salad on top.

Serve it right away.

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