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Here's how to recreate everything you've seen in this week's episode of Farmer's Kitchen.



ZINGY BLACK SESAME PASTE (makes 20 servings)

500g Black sesame seeds (toasted)
40g Sesame Oil    
200g Corn Oil
60g Miso Paste 
50g Japanese Rice Vinegar
40g Jaggery sugar 


4pcs rice wrappers soaked    (10g each)
15g Boston Lettuce
15g Red Cabbage Julienne 
30g Cucumber Julienne 
30g Carrot julienne
3g Chives whole
60g Glass Noodles (soaked/finish with drop sesame oil)
20g Sprouts
20g Black sesame seed powder
5g mix herbs
5g Nori Seaweed (Blended)


First make the Zingy Black Sesame Paste

In a large frying pan toast the sesame seeds then transfer into Thermomix (or food processor) and blend it in to smooth paste, gradually adding sesame oil and corn oil.
Finish with miso paste, Japanese rice vinegar and jaggery sugar

Now assemble the rice wraps.

Soak rice wrappers in a cold water (dip once and remove). Use two wraps for one roll, spread on the chopping board 

Sprinkle with blended sesame seeds 

Place boston lettuce in the centre of the wrapper, then nicely assemble rest of the ingredients in long strip across.

Wrap it tight and cut according to plating.

Spread a spoonful of zingy black sesame paste on the bottom of serving bowl and place veggie wraps on top. Garnish with herbs mix sesame and nori powder.



This makes around 25 servings of the prawn cakes.

250g Prawns 16/20
1 organic egg
22g Fish sauce
10g white sugar
40g coconut milk
6g basil
12g. corn oil

Place all ingredients in food processor. Process until forming a paste with some prawn chunks remaining. Store in chiller. Can be made ahead.

This makes a batch of dressing, use sparingly, to taste.

30g Brown sugar
4g Lime zest
80g Lime juice
65g Sweet chili sauce
30g Fish sauce
20g Tamari
6g Sesame oil
6g Salt
1g Black pepper

Whisk all ingredients until sugar is dissolved. Store in chiller.


35g Blood orange segment
12g Lime segment
40g Green mango julienne
10g Sliced red chili
60g Ripe mango julienne
6g Ginger julienne
15g Red onion julienne
60g Bean sprouts
1g Lime leaf julienne
50g Datterino cherry tomato
42g Cucumber (seeds removed and cut in batons)
4g Picked coriander
4g Picked mint
6g Picked basil
8g watercress
10g Crispy garlic chips
2g Toasted sesame seeds
10g Coconut chips
4gr. Chia seeds
12g Prawn cake mix
80g Thai dressing

Scoop the prawn cake in small spoon-sized balls and deep-fry.

Toss all ingredients in a bowl. Garnish with coriander leaves.



80g parsley
40g tarragon
10g peeled garlic (4-5), finely zested
2g salt
300g olive oil

Lemon Dressing
30ml Lemon Juice
15ml Corn oil
10ml Olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

100g Burrata cheese
125g mix roasted zucchini
10g crispy fried sweet potato chips
15g crispy chick peas
15g sourdough croutons
10g baby rocket
30g gremolata
5ml lemon dressing
3g chives


To make a batch of gremolata, finely dice parsley, tarragon, garlic, and mix well into a bowl with salt and olive oil. Use 30g of this in the salad.

To make lemon dressing, 
Add lemon juice to a bowl and slowly add oil and blend with stick blender until emulsified.
Season to taste.

To assemble, spread burrata on serving plate, layer roasted zucchini and sprinkle with gremolata. Add crispy chickpeas, sourdough croutons and baby rocket then drizzle with a little lemon dressing. Top with fried sweet potato chips and serve .

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