How to make Tiramisu at home!

This week on Farmer's Kitchen presented by Spinneys, Helen is in the kitchen with Carine Ani, A lover of cheese and bread, Carine grew up on local specialties produced in the region, from Pont L'evêque cheese to Canard a la Rouennaise, which gave her a deep appreciation of food and the importance of knowing the source of where food comes from.

On the show this week, we're creating a gorgeous tiramisu which you can make at home with tasty Spinneys ingredients. Try the recipe below!


Tiramisu Mix

  • Sugar 350gm
  • Water 60gm
  • Egg yolk 150gm
  • Vanilla bean 3pcs
  • Mascarpone 1kg
  • Gelatine 7 pieces

Lady Fingers

Coffee Mix

  • Espresso 1L
  • Super 30 - 200gm

Chocolate sauce

  • Sugar 210gm
  • Water 75ml
  • Cocoa powder 70gm
  • Cream 145gm
  • Gelatin 80gm

Cocoa nibs

  • Tuile milk 100gm
  • Glucose syrup 100gm
  • Butter 250gm
  • Sugar 300gm
  • Cocoa nibs 300gm 


Tiramisu mix: Pre soak gelatine in ice water. Boil sugar and water to 110C. At the same time mix egg yolk and vanilla beans in a mixing bowl. Fold egg mixture into the sugar water, keep mixing until it becomes pale in color. Add 1kg mascarpone to the mix and mix well. Set aside. 

In a separate bowl whip shani cream to soft peaks, add the whipped cream to the mascarpone mixture and fold nicely. take a little cream mix, put gelatin and microwave it for 30 seconds till gelatine dissolves. add the gelatine mixture to the mascarpone mix and mix it well. Put in a piping bag. 

Coffee Mix: mix espresso and super 30. Soak lady fingers until soaked properly, drain the excess and arrange in a baking tray. 

To serve: Arrange 3 soaked lady fingers on the plate- pipe tiramisu mix over them to cover them completely. Put another 2 soaked lady fingers on top and pipe tiramisu mix again. Place the cocoa nibs tuile crumble on top garnish with cocoa powder and chocolate sauce.


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